Sentient robotic beings are incredibly advanced in the Gary Gears series, not only have they been able to adapt to human speech patterns with perfect accuracy, but they've also managed to develop their own vocabulary. Unfortunately, many of these new words are considered obscene to their artificial sensibilities.

List of WordsEdit

  • Clicker: A racial slur for a robotic being referencing a robot can be clicked on or off.

Example: You see that, Jim? A whole new batch of Clickers moved in next door.

  • Squishy: A racial slur for any biological being. Includes humans, animals, aliens and mutants.

Example: Are there any Squishies in the theater tonight? Get 'em up against the wall!

  • Crash: A negative interjection meant to express displeasure.

Example: What the crash is going on here?

  • Glitch: An insulting noun targeting at a rude or unpleasant person.

Example: Don't be such a glitch, Debra.

  • Frag: A negative interjection meant to express anger or discontent.

Example: Frag this, Dude. Let's go bowling.