The Hills of Circle Falls was a folk song written in the 1859. The song was written about the wealth and prosperity of the town of Circuit Falls during the height of it's wealth and prosperity.


Well one day on the ol' dust trail

While I was burning logs

Out came a homeless vagabond

On his way to Circle Falls

He told me "Living's easy there

You never worry 'bout gettin' by

There's gold dust under every rock

There are diamonds in the sky

Well the mines all flow so wild and free

With gold nuggets to your knees

Where good fortune's just a jog away

And all the money grows on trees

You never worry if you'll be eating

'Cause there's food on every plate

There's easy work for every hand

And the rent is never late

There's burlesque houses and gambling halls

In the cheerful town of Circle Falls

You'll love their saloons where anything goes

And you'll love their saucy puppet shows

The womenfolk are friendly

The boys are bright and keen

The jails are always empty

'Cause the streets are always clean

The riches come so easy

And the work ends real quick

There's hens and cows a plenty

And the folks there never get sick

So I gotta make haste, I gotta go fast

'Cause I know this fortune's bound to last

There's plenty of gold, so I've been told

In the hills of Circle Falls