The Heishou Tong is an organized crime gang operation primarily in the Chinatown districts of Circuit Falls and Steelport. Much like The Bratva, the gang has ancient, old-world origins. Founded by disenfranchised Chinese workers as early as 1850, The Heishou Tong has persevered for hundreds of years through the art of deception and debauchery. They are the only known criminal organization to survive The Atomic Eclipse of 1964 and remain one of the most dangerous and powerful in the city.

Today, they control a criminal empire based on a number of illegal activities, including extortion, illegal gambling rings, narcotics trading, loan sharking and tech trafficking. They have no political agenda and no greater goal or purpose than persevering their centuries-old vice grip on the criminal underworld.

They are rumored to have connections to The Technological Liberation Front and the Underground Robot Brawling Ring. They are currently led by three kingpins, known as "The Triad." Each Triad controls one subset of the gang.