The Coalition of United Human Unions (aka CUHU) is the governmental body that rules over every populated city in Haven County. This includes Circuit Falls, the location of Gary Gears and his friends. The Coalition of United Human Unions governs the many smaller sub-governments of it's cities, such as The Circuit Falls Senate.

Founded in 2090, CUHU is responsible for the defense, economic structure and industrial prosperity of the surrounding cities of Haven County. Two hundred years later, CUHU is still going strong, despite pressure from surrounding Wastelander tribes.

CUHU is administrated by a council of eight senators and one chancellor, who's identity is kept secret. Many are unaware the chancellor even exists, even fewer are aware of his identity, only the chancellor's assistant has ever seen his face. This assistant also stands in for the chancellor at every meeting.

Every new law or decision presented to the council of eight must be a unanimous decision. If even one member refuses to vote the same as the other seven, the vote fails. Even if a vote succeeds, the chancellor has full veto power and must completely approve of the decision.

The military force of all surrounding cities in Haven County are controlled by CUHU, and any military action taken by any city must be fully approved by them.