Julia Monroe Lovelace is an expert robopsychologist and Comp EC teacher at Asimov High. Her job entails teaching her robotic students how to better prepare for the management of technological devices and operate their own mechanical inner workings. She's one of the most competent and talented teachers at Asimov High. Unfortunately, she is also probably the most unappreciated. Her class is the least attended, she pay check is the smallest, and Principal Einstein barely knows she exists, despite her basically serving as his surrogate assistant.

She is by far the friendliest teacher to the Gears gang and the only one who sees local student Chip Bitly and his friends for what they are: bullies. She often helps the Gears gang and is the most understanding when they run into a problem.


  • Despite the prefix before her name being "Mrs." Lovelace is not married. She is currently in a committed relationship, but her boyfriend shows no signs of manning up and putting a ring on her finger. Her words, not our's.