Mal Ware

Mal Ware

Mal Ware is a mysterious robot of unknown origins. With his entire face cloaked in a black visor, his identity remains a secret to all the students of Asimov High. Mal Ware has never been seen taking classes with the other students or even hanging out with the Chip Bitly's gang unless ordered to by Doctor Tesla, many do not even believe he goes to their school.

Character BiographyEdit

Virtually nothing is known of Mal Ware's life or origins. It is known he's been working for Doctor Tesla for quite some time, and it is known that he was the one who convinced Bitly and his friends to join Doctor Tesla's forces. According to what he's told Donna Databanks, he knows something about her mysteriously disappeared father.


Mal Ware is endlessly mysterious. He seems to a secret knowledge of events and people no one else does, and whatever he knows, he's not telling. He doesn't enjoy socialization, preferring to keep to himself. He doesn't laugh at jokes, doesn't appear to have any kind of emotional reaction to anything and doesn't attempt to bond or interact with anyone. Because of this, people are afraid of or alienated by him. Even Doctor Tesla, the great mad scientist himself, doesn't understand him.