The Crazy Old Man is a minor character in Gary Gears. A homeless, robotic drifter, the old man has no known name and no real direction or purpose. It's rumored that he used to be a military drone that was given sentience and couldn't handle it, causing him to go crazy. He lives behind Asimov High and can often be found rambaling on about conspiracy theories and telling people people not to drink the water.

To date, some of the old man's ramblings have been regarded:

  • Circuit Falls' water
  • Something (or someone) called "The Bright One"
  • The oppression of the Wastelanders
  • Something called "The Secret Lodge"
  • A monster called "The Blue Terror"
  • Microwave ovens
  • Radio signals
  • Psychic children and their pet rabbits.
  • Multi-colored rodents
  • Someone named "Doctor Demento"
  • A creature called "The Introducer"
  • Why they should have never cancelled The Jeffersons.


  • When the Crazy Old Man told Susan Sprocket not to drink the water in Circuit Falls, Frita Firewall blew a whistle and threatened to report him again. This implies Frita has had an unfortunate run-in with him at some point.
  • Vikki Viral claims that most of the Asimov School Newspaper's information comes from him.
  • The Crazy Old Man works part time as Asimov High's janitor. Why they'd let a homeless, insane robot clean their school is a mystery.