The Crabbot is a robotic giant enemy crab built by Doctor Tesla to destroy Gary Gears and take over Circuit Falls. It is a massive crab robot capable of firing missiles and lasers. Unfortunately, Tesla designed the giant robot to have a massive weak spot on it's underbelly for no apparent reason, leading to his defeat. Tesla would later rebuild the Crabbot with reinforced armor, making it more dangerous than ever. However, the Crabbot was destroyed a second time through the combined efforts of the Gears gang. It is unknown if Tesla will try to rebuild it again. Hopefully the dumb codger can come up with something original for a change.


  • The Crabbot is partially a reference to the saddest press release in E3 history.
  • The Crabbot is Tesla's favorite invention, and he has rebuilt it a good twelve times before the events of Fast Times At Asimov High Part 1. Which is just so sad.
  • Plans for a third Crabbot have been drawn up by Doctor Tesla, this new Crabbot would come equipped with an eight track player and a disco ray. It's a very stupid idea.