Algonquian was a small settlement founded by the New Confederate Resistance Army during The NCRA-CUHU Civil War. Mostly built from old scrap and spare parts from a nearby airfield, the city of Algonquian was a walled-off settlement that served as a hub for the NCRA during the civil war. Despite being relatively small, Algonquian was quite heavily populated, thanks in no small part to it's rich agriculture. Algonquian was home to several crop fields (mainly corn) that rivaled even The Outskirts in vastness. The town thrived for a good twelve years, from 2175 to 2187.

In the final years of the war, forces from The Coalition of United Human Unions launched an attack on the city, capturing the leading members of the NRCA and several sympathizers. The city was level and it's crop fields were burned to the ground, both a strategic gesture and a symbolic one.

Today, all that remains of Algonquian is charred ruins of the makeshift walls of scrap metal and assorted junk that once protected the city. In the middle of it all stands a lone NCRA flag, ripped to pieces and burned. On a hunk of nearby wall, a series of scratches spells out the final message of a lone soldier before being his bullet wounds overpowered him.

"Years after this day, history will call us all rebels. Even as you burn down our cornfields and leave our cities leveled. Perhaps one day, your children will look upon these ruins and know what kind of men their fathers' really were."